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Rocky Mountain YMCA (Bowfort and Hector Lodge) Water Treatment Plant


The Bowfort and Hector lodge water treatment systems have been designed to service teh Chief Hector YMCA camp with potable water. The water sources for this project are from near surface water wells. Both water systems are designed for year round use, however, the demands vary widely throughout the year.

The water treatment systems consist of three cartridge water filters in series. Each cartridge filter is successively smaller to a 1 micrometer absolute size at the end. Water then passes through ultraviolet reactors to provide for giardia and cryptosporidium inactivation. Chlorine is added prior to entering a dedicated chlorine contact tank to provide for further inactivation of giardia, cryptosporidium and viruses. Water overflows from this tank into the distribution reservoirs. water is pressurized by a series of pumps and distributed to the users.

The water system is setup with a SCADA system to monitor the operation of the system and parameters as required by Alberta Environment. The operator is able to review the data in a graphical form over the time in which data has been collected.

Sim-Flo's Role

Sim-Flo is the prime consultant. Sim-Flo designed the process and gained approvals for this process from Alberta Environment. Sim-Flo worked closely with the designated contractor to complete the construction of this project.