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Langdon Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Langdon Wastewater Treatment Plant provides waste water treatment for the East Rocky View Regional Wastewater system. This system services the area north and east of the City of Calgary from the new Crossiron Mills mall located in Balzac to Conrich, east of Chestermere Lake and the Hamle of Langdon.

The site has been developed to allow for the expansion of treatment facilities to over 30 MLD capacity.

The process used is a modified sequenced batch reactor which provides for the treatment of ammonia and phosphorus. This system reduces the BOD, TSS, Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels to meet and exceed Alberta Environment requirements.

Unique design elements include the isolation of site drainage to contain untreated sewage should a spill occur and the conversion of an existing facultative cell for use as an overflow and/or diversion point for untreated or under treated sewage.

Sim-Flo's Role

Sim-Flo was retained as the prime engineer for the overall design and management of the project. Sim-Flo coordinated the activities of sub-consultants and provided primary design services for the treatment, mechanical systems, electrical, controls, SCADA system and civil engineering works.

Sim-Flo worked closely with the County of Rocky View and the Contractor to deliver a project which was on time and under budget.