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Langdon Water Treatment Plant


Langdon Waterworks is a privately owned water supplier for the Hamlet of Langdon. Sim-Flo Systems has been involved with Langdon Waterworks since 1995 to design upgrade and maintain the water treatment facilities.

The water treatment facilities treat water using a combination of greensand filtration and reverse osmosis treatment units.

The water system consists of five wells, two water treatment plants and three reservoirs. The final reverse osmosis unit was commissioned as a design build. The design and coordination of construction was completed by Sim-Flo Systems Inc.

Water treatment is completly automated and includes a wide area network system for the coordination of pumping, treatment and reservoir filling. The system is also equipped for secure remote access by operations personal.

Sim-Flo's Role

Sim-Flo is the designated engineer for the Langdon Waterworks system. Sim-Flo provides all infrastructure planning, design, project management and inspection services for Langdon Water Works.

Sim-Flo works closely with the owners, managers and operators of the water system to help provide a reliable and safe public water supply for Langdon residents.