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East Siksika Regional Water Treatment Plant


The east Siksika regional water plant is a part of the Siksika Nation Tribal Administration's program of regionalizing water and sewer infrastructure.

The source of water for this system is from the Bow River. The treatment system can treat up to a maximum of 1.1 MLD.

The water treatment plant uses a conventional treatment system which consists of chemical injection, flash mixing, flocculation, clarification and filtration to treat the water.

Chlorinated treated water is stored in a baffled reservoir which provides adequate contact time for the inactivtion of giardia, cryptosporidium and viruses.

Treated water is pumped to reservoirs in Crowfoot school, Cluny townsite, Little Washington townsite and Shouldice townsite for re-distribution.

The water treatment system is monitored with a supervisory control and data acquisition system. The system also monitors the water reservoir levels, supply and distribution system flow rates, pressures and pump status of each of the regional potable water pump stations.

Sim-Flo's Role

Sim-Flo was retained to provide project management and design of the treatment, mechanical systems and electrical, controls and SCADA system. The SCADA system monitors the water treatment plant as well as the Crowfoot School and Little Washington reservoir sites.

Sim-Flo Systems works closely with the water system operators to design a user friendly system.