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Cambridge Park Water Treatment Plant


The Cambridge Park water treatment plant was developed to service a 230 lot subivision with potable water services. The source of water is from ground water wells. Water from the wells is high in dissolved solids, sodium, iron and manganese.

The water treatment plant consists of a greensand filter pre-treatment system and a reverse osmosis treatment system. A portion of the greensand treated water bypasses the reverse osmosis system in order to optimize water treatment costs. The water is treated to Candian drinking water quality guidelines and to Alberta Environment requirements.

The treatment system has been designed to provide a treatment capacity of 242 L/min.
Treated water is chlorinated before being stored in a reservoir. Adequate contact time is provided in the reservoir for deactivation of viruses. Water is pumped from the reservoir into the distribution system using vertical turbine pumps.

Sim-Flo's Role

Sim-Flo was retained to provide project management and design of the treatment, mechanical systems and electrical, controls and human machine information systems.